Tips to help the environment and save money

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With population and industrial growth on the rise, environmentalist have been advising the public to help save the environment. Here are some tips, that are easy, will save you money and give back to the environment.

Sharing is caring – Cars are to blame for the majority of greenhouse gasses which cause global To help reduce emissions, join a carpool that will cut your travel bills and let you enjoy the company of other commuters.

Turn off your lights and devices – If you are not in a room, you should always turn off all electrics in that space. Habits such as these will save the environment and cut your electricity bills.

Buy locally – Locally purchased items have been transported less and therefore use less fuel and therefore emit less carbon monoxide emissions.

Visit the library – Renting from your local library is a good habit as it means that you will save on buying new books and you will save the forests as well.

Turn off the tap – Brushing your teeth twice a day is a great habit, but remember to close the tap between brushes to save on water.

Good riddance to bad rubbish – Instead of buying newspapers and magazines, choose to read them online.

Navy showers – To save liters of water, turn off the shower when you soap and shampoo.

Living Vintage – Opt to buy used furniture or create your DIY pieces with used materials.