Seven super easy ways to eat environmentally friendly

It is important that everyone does his or her part to save the environment. You can be environmentally friendly while eating as well. Here are some super easy tips to eat environmentally friendly.

Reuse bags at the store – If you bring in plastic bags from your next grocery run, reuse your bags for garbage. For a greener choice, ask for paper bags or bring your own cloth bags to the supermarket.

Strip down the products you use – Look for simply packaged items that use the least amount of materials that could fill up landfills

Do not purchase plastic bottles – Avoid buying water and opt for tap water that you carry in a glass bottle with a silicon sleeve for safety. This will reduce a number of plastics and greatly reduce the amount of BPA and other chemicals you consume.

Choose organic – Since organic food uses fewer chemicals and is safer on the environment, cook with good quality organic fruits and vegetables.

Try to purchase locally grown produce – If you purchase locally, you reduce the transportation energy usage.

Eat a lot of what you buy – Wasting food you purchase ends up in landfills. This is a waste of a country’s resources and energy.

Eat foods raw – Eating fruits and vegetables raw, is a good way to save energy and stay healthy.

Article submitted by Teak Furniture