Planning a home solar electric system

ecoworldA home solar system will mostly depend on the amount of sunlight you receive and the space for the system size. You will also have to consider the economics of the investment and the local permits required. Here are a few areas that should be considered.

Solar energy – You will need to assess if you receive sufficient sunlight to meet your electricity needs. Ask your local system supplier to perform a solar site analysis, to find out if you receive sufficient sunlight.

Energy consumption patterns – To understand how much energy you will need, you should evaluate your energy consumption patterns. Start by looking at your utility bills over the past year, calculating energy consumption and recognizing consumption trends. By understanding your habits, you can reduce the size of the solar system you need.

Quotations – Speak to a number of solar providers and receive quotations for the amount of energy you want to generate. Match your quotations with other factors like price, warranty, and servicing, before narrowing your selection.

Local permits – It is advisable that you research about your local permit and neighborhood covenant requirements. In most cases, you will need to obtain permits from your city or county building department.

Stand alone systems – You can also opt for a stand alone system if you live in a remote area where the system would be more cost effective than extending a power line to a grid. However, these systems will only offer a minimal amount of power.