Important Measurements That You Should Know When Buying Couch Foam

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In order to get the most comfortable cushion filling, you need to know how the measurements work.

So you’ve finally decided to replace your old, worn-down sofa cushions with some brand new cushions. After deciding that enough is enough, you’re finally making the call to bring the comfort back to ole reliable after so many years. Now, there are numerous helpful terms that you should know about such as density, ILD, and other similar measurements. This guide will help you find the exact type of cushion to match your comfort level.


Density is typically the amount of air that is found in foam and is also a key property to consider when choosing your new custom foam cushions. Density is typically expressed as weight in pounds per cubic foot. So, the higher the density, the more durable the foam is going to be.

Indentation Force Deflection

Indentation force deflection refers to the softness and firmness of the foam. This measurement determines how many pounds it will take to compress the foam. For instance, if a piece of foam has an IFD value of 40, it will take roughly 40 pounds of pressure to indent it. IFD values typically range anywhere between 30 to 70, and have a rating from medium soft to firm. Also note that some foams are known as high-resilience foams, which refer to how quickly the cushion will regain its shape after use. Be sure that you try out the foam piece before you purchase it. You’ll not only be able to determine what suits you best, but you’ll also get an idea of what you’re going to be sitting on.

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