6 Tips to tell if your restaurant is eco-friendly

If you love eating out and are concerned about your environmental footprint, you may want to consider choosing eco-friendly restaurants. Here are some clues that will tell you if the restaurant you choose is eco-friendly.

Serves water only on request – Most often water is served to diners without them requesting it, which means that often this water goes untouched and is put down the drain. If your server asks you if water is needed, the chances are that your restaurant is conscious about the water they use.

Lists local farms on the menu – Restaurant that buy local will sometimes list their local farmers on their menu or website.

Uses recycled or recyclable to-go containers – If your restaurant opts for cardboard containers that are recyclable instead of cheaper Styrofoam containers, your restaurant cares about the environment.

Is in a LEED-certified building – If your restaurant has a plaque or window sticker that indicates that it is LEED-certified by the United States Green Building Council, this means that the restaurant is designed, built and furnished in a way that is sustainable.

Uses cloth napkins and tablecloths – Using table linen and napkins means that your restaurant will use less paper. Although you may not know if your restaurant uses environmentally friendly detergent and cold water for laundering, the benefits of using cloth will outweigh the waste of paper.

Green restroom – If your restaurant has motion activated lighting, dual flushes, energy-efficient hand dryers and even hand soaps that are natural, the chances are that your restaurant cares about the environment.