5 Ways to reduce cooling costs this summer

To slash your summer utility bills, follow some of these simple tips that will leave you cool and save you a lot of money.

Use a ceiling fan – A ceiling fan will make you feel at least 6 to 7 degrees cooler due to the wind-chill effect. If you couple your ceiling fan with your air conditioner, you will be able to reduce the thermostat on your AC by at least 3 or 4 degrees.

Run your AC more economically – Set your AC at a comfortable temperature that will use less electricity. Set your AC’s thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF, this will cool your room gradually without using a lot of electricity.

Maintain cooling systems – An energy-efficient AC will use less electricity. Before summer, look at getting your AC serviced, gased and clean your filters to reduce your electricity usage by at least 5% -15%.

Avoid heat build-up during the day – On a very hot day, avoid using the oven, dishwasher, and dryer to keep your home cooler. Opt to dry your clothes outside and do your baking and washing at night when it is cooler.

Close curtains, blinds, and shades – Close all your window treatments to keep your home cooler during the day. Opt to change your window treatments to a lighter shade of yellow, white, or a light blue to reduce heat absorption. Consider investing in insulated window treatments to cool your room even further.