10 small ways to save the environment

Article written by Career advantage portal

The increase in population and fuel usage has taken a toll on the environment. However, everyone can contribute to reversing the effects of degradation by making small changes to their lifestyle. Here are 10 small ways to save the environment.

Use your food waste and biodegradable materials to create a compost waste. Your compost can then be used to fertilize your plants.

Shop with eco-bags that are reuseable. Refrain from using plastic bags.

Instead of driving to work, speak to your work colleague or neighbour and suggest carpooling. If this is not possible, try using public transport.

4 Get active by riding your bike to work or on short distances.

Recycle items like drinking bottles, paper, used oil, old batteries and used tires.

Refrain from pouring wastes like oil and chemicals into your drains that lead to bodies of water.

Always separate your biodegradable and recyclable waste from non-biodegradable.

Producing meat is a strain on the environment. Therefore, reduce or remove meat from your diet and look at plant based forms of protein.

Limit the amount of electricity you use by switching off appliances like air conditioners, fans and lights when you leave a room. Look at reducing your heating by a few degrees and wearing warm clothes in doors.

Reduce water usage, by having shorter showers and using quick washes on your washing machine whenever possible.