Top 5 tips for environmentally-friendly travel

As more people choose to be more environmentally friendly in their daily lives, a new market has emerged in travel, where people are actively seeking environmentally friendly travel destinations. Here are some additional tips that will help you stay environmentally friendly while traveling.

Don’t bag it – Always carry a large tote when you are out shopping and choose to put all your purchasing in your bag instead of using plastic bags offered by vendors.

Pack light – Packing what you will need means that you can often travel by foot or use public transport instead of looking for a taxi. Look at packing multi-purpose items and wash a few items at your destination.

Travel overland – When traveling inland, look at using a train or a bus instead of booking a flight. Although this may take longer than a flight, you will be able to see the countryside while reducing your carbon footprint. It is best to plan out your stay so that you can source what forms of public transport you can use.

Enjoy locally made food and drink – Locally made food and beverages will not only be cheaper they have also traveled fewer distances; which makes your meal carbon friendly.

Be at home in a hotel – Although you are at a hotel, look at opting out of daily linen and towel changes and look at changing your linen every three to four days. Always switch off all electrics when leaving your room and use amenities sparingly.

Article provided by Landscape Garden