Looking for your foam cushions

foamfactory8Written by The Foam Factory

The average home has a lot of foam applications. There is foam in every corner. From the mattress to the cushion filling. However, the foam that really needs to be looked after are the outdoor variety. Cleaning foam is not all that complicated, with the only real requirement being an extended period of dry weather to dry the cushions out.

Deodorize and disinfect the cushions by spraying liberally with vinegar. Just fill an empty bottle with white vinegar. Remove the cushion covers and then give all sides a good spray and leave to dry.

Make soap suds by mixing a solution of one cup water and one tablespoon standard laundry detergent. Whisk the mixture and use only the suds to clean the foam. Continue whisking the mixture to produce more suds. Continue application until the cushions are clean.

Ideally the cushions should be air-dried outdoors. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight to prevent excess heat and sun damage. If there is a lack of dry weather, then use either a fan or some air conditioning to dry the cushions out.

Test the cushions by placing a paper towel under the cushion and pressing the top of the cushion down hard. Any signs of moisture and the drying process need to continue.

Don’t wait too long before cleaning new cushions, the more often they are cleaned, the longer they will last.

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