How to make your home more environmentally friendly

Article written by Internet School Reviews

Let’s face it, our homes can have a very negative impact on the world around us. But there are several ways in which we can contribute to well being of our planet and that is making our homes and our lives in general more environmentally friendly. Here are a couple of ideas on how to reduce that impact:

Solar panels

One of the easiest, but most costly methods is to get solar power panels installed. This will allow you to generate electricity from the sun. Using net metering you can feed excess power generated during the day to theecoworld grid and use grid power at night. The initial cost can be quite high but after a period of approximately five to seven years you get the return on your investment. From that point, for the lifetime of solar panels, your power bill is cut massively.

Battery packs

This takes the solar panel strategy a step further. Using large battery packs, the excess energy you generate during the days is stored rather than feeding into the grid. This is a much cleaner alternative to using the grid power at night. Depending on where you live the power you consume from the utility could be thermal, coal or even nuclear power.

Low energy appliances

Most families still use appliances purchased roughly seven years ago. In that time period, a lot of newer electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators etc have become a lot more efficient. Take air conditioners for example. Now nearly all new units use the inverter technology which only uses as much power as you need to cool at any specific point.