Brighten your front porch with these tips

Summary: The front porch is a great place to hang out or entertain friends. Give the space a boost with some greenery, hanging planters, a coffee tables, DIY cushions, and some more seating.

For a lot of families, the front porch is the favorite part of their home. In addition to just hanging out, you can relax at night or entertain friends. If you work at home, it can be an alternative to your home-office. If you have a front porch, but haven’t thought about how you want to make it a hangout, read on for some tips.

The first thing you can add is some greenery, it will give the space some life. Add a white plant stand with some by the front door. This area does not surround the porch, but will be part of the view when you sit down. In addition, add some white planters with small plants around the porch seating area. You can even hang some planters behind the seating, creating a separation of sorts from the outside.

Add some DIY cushions and pillows. For wooden benches, gliders or swings, you can go with a pattern or stripes. In most other cases, go with solid warm colors for that organic feel. You can make the pillows in a single afternoon with the right materials.

Complete the space with coffee table and more chairs if you need them. Try and keep the coffee table to a meaningful size, with enough space to easily walk around the sides.

And there you have it, the perfect, warm, and relaxing porch, where you can spend hours.

Written by The Foam Factory, foam specialists that carry any type of foam you need for your next DIY cushion project.